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Best Tech Websites

Best tech websites: In the modern age of technology, there are a lot of changes occurring per day. Our world is completely changed due to the revolution of technology. Today we are on the verge where we can,t pass a day without our social networks, mobiles, and playing gadgets. All because Nowadays intentions are more focused on technology. The way we live, the way we meet, the way we gather are different compared to 2010.

Only in a decade can we consider a day without technology? Everyone will hear a big NO because technology has integrated our body parts, and no one can live without major body parts. No doubt technology has served us a lot, but now, it is hard to cope with daily updates of tech and gadgets inventions. But, still, it’s hard, not impossible.

Let’s look at the best website for tech, which enables us to have daily updates and the latest news about the tech industry.

Best Tech Websites. And Why Are They Best?

Well, not hundreds but thousands of websites are out there on tech to keep us updated about daily inventions, tech startups, and technology news. But the best is always better than the rest. So, here we are up with the six best websites for tech updates and news to follow on.

Tech Crunch: 

TechCrunch homepage

One of the best tech websites with daily updates tech crunch is the tech geek heaven. Tech crunch obsessively reviews tech products and startups right after they are launched. This tech website has made a good name in the tech industry with more than 50000 active users. All because of their unbiased reviews of products before they reach the shop’s shelves. 

Tech crunch Keeps a good eye on fundraising, tech product launches, new startup introductions, company mergers, and new features launches of gadgets. They have proved to be the best by getting every tech industry news on their website in an easy-to-read format. Moreover, to make it easier for people who do not enjoy reading articles. They have tons of podcasts on nearly every technological update. So, if you don’t want to read, relax and enjoy audio podcasts. 

Extraordinary Tech Crunch:

  • Provided the fattest updates on technology
  • The best network to approach updates remotely.
  • Keeps and a good eye on companies and merges of businesses
  • Updates podcast for audio lovers
  • Review right after the launch of the product.

Tech Radar:

TechRadar homepage

Following on to the best tech website list, next is Techradar, the source for tech buying advice.

A great format to follow the tech trends, complete guide, and reviews of best available tech products is the thing of TechRadar. It mostly targets the big names of the industry and reviews great electronic products. All written in simple plain English to make it easy to read for everyone. Tech radar is the most trusted website for laptops, headsets, wearable audio equipment, and related product reviews. 

Tech radar how to section is the best section of this tech website, which helps solve small but annoying problems in tech products. Reviews are unbiased, and blogs with helpful info on how to set up or repair it make this website a complete guide of every tech product.

Tech geeks could follow this up to have the latest updates of their favorite gadgets.

Extraordinary Tech Radar:

  • Complete Buying Guides For tech Products.
  • Well-managed and unbiased product reviews.
  • Simple plain English makes it a reliable source to read tech updates.
  • Tech Radar How to section has solutions for tech products.
  • Trusted for bigger tech product reviews.


The combination of tech and entertainment makes Gizmodo a perfect resource of enjoyment and information on the same page. For sure, it is one of the best tech websites, but not because of this feature only. The website has a light tone with a great conventional tone to pursue its user on its information. They have awesome buyer guides, tech reviews, and entertainment information, along with a futuristic approach to updates of upcoming or latest releases in the tech industry.

Gizmodo’s product reviews section is a great place to hang around for tech lovers. If you want to know about the upcoming iPhone or newly launched google product, you will find A to Z everything you want to know about. Reviews are remarkable, but the science section has a great approach to multiple subjects and related information. 

Extraordinary Gizmodo:

  • Product reviews are conventional.
  • Latest updates with futuristic approach
  • Science section to introduce several other aspects of life and environment.
  • Field Guide is a good resource for field information
  • Entertainment along with tech updates.


Wired is a famous tech website covering different aspects of technology to inform its huge numbers of readers. It is the best website for tech to gain more exposure to technology and its effects on society. You can easily find any information related to technology, its evolution, Elon musk’s tech experiments, cyber security, and world tech news. 

Wired is the best tech website to educate about tech and its impact on community, politics, culture, and emerging changes due to tech. Our everyday life is changing and evolving both negatively and positively due to technology. Wired covers everything and seems to be the best of the rest in the list of best tech websites in the relevant category.

Extraordinary Wired:

  • A variety of topics in the tech niche
  • Impact of technology on different aspects of life.
  • Latest updates of cybersecurity information.
  • Concepts of spying sciences
  • Well organized and easy to read information.

Digital Trends:

As its name indicates, digital trends mostly focus on daily trends and changes in the digital industry. Mostly digital trends cover digital news, gaming’s events information, gadgets coverage, and product reviews. Digital trends are one of the best tech websites to cope up with digital trends daily. 

Original series is a great feature of digital trends, which covers every tech and related topic in great depth in web series. Some of the top publications/releases of web series are Woman with Byte, The Food Fight, Tech for Charge, And Digital Trends Live. Well, do mention your favorites if you have a choice from other digital trends publications. The most obvious option to follow up is their product and tech industry analysis.

Extraordinary Digital Trend:

  • Daily digital trends updates.
  • Tech gadgets products guides and reviews
  • Opinion based tech articles 
  • Web series as an original series of digital trends.
  • Digital analysis of the tech market.


Cnet is a trusted name in tech information, special deals, cars, and finance. They have provided thousands of information articles along with well-established company information for analysis of startup business. Cnet has a huge targeted audience, specifically tech geeks, as their main readers. They are well managed in multiple industry blogs like blogs about health, finance, and trending technology news. It is full of interesting blogs and reviews articles.

Cnet may not be a fascinating website, but surely it is the best website for tech out there. It has a realistic approach toward technology with other aspects of the community. The blogs are wow, and thousands of their active users love reviews with buying guides. Subscribers get an email on every recent update to follow up on the latest trends of technology. Rather than tech, the other blogs also carry an in-depth knowledge of relevant, targeted categories. Wellbeing informed from tech and other industries have made a good place in best tech websites.

Extraordinary Cnet:

  • Daily updates are awesome.
  • Tech industry covering.
  • Products buying guides and reviews.
  • Other than tech deals, cars, finance, and health have their importance.
  • In-Depth knowledge of every mentioned aspect.


Where can I read tech articles?

There are plenty of options, but the best are TechCrunch, TechRadar, Gizmodo, wired, digital trends, and cnet.

How do you stay on top of tech trends?

 You can follow the best websites for tech to cope up with the top trends of the industry.

How do you try to develop yourself and stay up to date in your field?

The best option is to follow field-related websites and subscribe to their newsletter for daily updates.

Summary of best tech websites to follow :

 The best websites for you to follow are the ones that make you feel informed about every field-related news. Maybe it’s Elon Musk’s experiment you need to know, or you want to have a quick look at your favorite gadgets. Or if you want to read the tech trends article, the websites mentioned earlier have covered you with all aspects. 

The best part is unbiased and honest reviews of nearly every newly launched product to help you buy the best option available. They also help solve “how to” queries of your annoying small problems or normal use of any product you want to buy. Everything is covered for you, so choose one or all and follow to get the best out of them.

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