How to start a youtube channel and make money online

How to create a youtube channel

As we know youtube is the biggest video search engine. It is very easy to create a youtube channel. If you have a Gmail account then you can easily create a channel. You just need to sign in through your Gmail address and comment on someone’s video. The youtube will create your channel automatically.

How to start earning from youtube channel

It is not as easy as creating a youtube channel but with good efforts, you can start to make money from a youtube channel. First, you need to complete the requirements to enter the youtube partner program ( Youtube channel monetization ). You need to complete 1000 real and organic subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for applying.

How much money youtube pay for 1000 views

If your channel contents are in Urdu/Hindi language and you mostly view from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or some underdeveloped countries then youtube will pay you just 1$ or less for 1K (1000) views. But, if your channel content views from the USA, UK, or some developed countries then youtube can pay you 3$ or 4$ for 1000 views.

How much money A Youtuber earn in a month

According to a famous website, namely a young YouTuber namely Ryan Kaji channel name: (Ryan ToysReview) was ranked first as a top-earning YouTuber worldwide of approximately 29.5 million U.S. dollars. Nowadays there are a lot of famous YouTubers that are earning millions of dollars per month from just creating content, online streaming.

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