iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: MAJOR COMPARISON(2021)

The popularity of the iPhone 12 Pro max was enough to outgrown previous iPhone models and especially iPhone 11. From our resources, iPhone 13 is most likely to be released soon in the market.

Last year iPhone 12 Pro was launched in October. A month later, the iPhone Pro max and the iPhone 12 mini were released. As we all are acquainted that Apple keeps on thriving, the iPhone 13 series with four models namely iPhone 13 Pro, Pro max, mini, and iPhone 13 would be launched in late September 2021. Most probably the third week of the month. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 was the real competitor to iPhone 12. With the release of the iPhone 13, we reckon that the device updates would beat S21 comfortably.

We still wonder what would be new in the latest iPhone. Let’s check out the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 comparison!

Camera Comparison

The first thing we usually ask the seller; “Do you have a phone with the best camera?”. The Apple iPhones dominated the mobile industry with their camera ability and quality. iPhone 12 came out with a triple camera; rumors say that i13 will be having the same triple camera, with 0.5 ultra-wide. Moreover, it will be implemented with 2.5X zooming ability.

In a battle of quality, there can be a periscope camera with intrigued zooming ability to beat the Galaxy S21 zoom feature. Although, till iPhone 12. The manufactures (Apple) of iPhones had no permissible invention to beat S21 3x and 10x zoom cameras. 

There are more gossips about the iPhone 13 camera functionality, like: –

  • Astrophotography feature for camera.
  • The easy blurring of the picture background with more advanced portrait mode.
Photo by Javier Esteban on Unsplash

In sum, some camera features like autofocusing while taking pictures, and picture-taking ability while shooting a video will be the same for iPhone 13.

Size and Display comparison

Photo by Martin Sanchez from Pexels

Previously, iPhone had 160.8mm height and 78.1mm width as well as the resolution. Furthermore, the size and resolution of the iPhone 13 would be the same as iPhone 12. But what flattering stuff makes iPhone 13 better than earlier versions? Display upgrade.

For better gaming and smooth scrolling, Apple is now planning to introduce 120HZ in newly iPhone 13 Pro MAX. The last series of iPhone 12 couldn’t go beyond 60 FPS and because of that, the refreshing rate of the screen lacks quite often.

Not all rainbow colors but iPhone 13 series could be released in a couple of different colors. Including Matte black, pink, orange, purple, and other similar colors from the last iPhone 12 series. As we sermon above about the same size, due to internal changes. It can be a little bit heavier than earlier models.

Photo by Mediamodifier from Pexels

Always on Display mode is what you get from OLED panels. It is found in most android devices. The specific pixels of the OLED panel make that deep and dark black on your phone. iPhone 13 will be having its own Always-on display, as rumors suggest.

Battery comparison

If you are an iPhone old user or currently using iPhone 12, you are already aware of its battery. As rumors say, there would be a blockbusting update in the new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

We are dazed to find that only the iPhone 12 Pro max of the iPhone 12 model series could pass the battery test. It was inevitable and overwhelming for other models to pass the test.

The battery update was made earlier by the manufactures. There will be a 20% larger battery for iPhone 13 Pro Max. 4. It will be implemented with a 4,315 mAH battery, which is making a huge difference. Since iPhone 12 Pro Max had a 3,687 mAH battery, that’s a piece of wonderful news for iPhone users.

You’ll be able to enjoy 120HZ, a smoother display, and longer battery life. With the hell out of improvement, charging your new iPhone every 2 days would be good enough.  

Processor Comparison

iPhones manufactures are thinking beyond our beliefs. There will be some major improvements in the new iPhone 13 CPU, GPU, and AI. In major performance, Apple has taken the lead. It is expected that the A14 Bionic chip of the iPhone 12 models is going to upgrade to an A15 bionic chip and is more likely to be implemented in iPhone 13 for faster performance.  

What to expect more? Previously, android devices powered by Snapdragon 88 chip weren’t enough for iPhone with A14 chips, even being the fastest android chip of 2021. Moreover, iPhone13 will be having the same 6GB of RAM as the earlier models.   

With so much to acknowledge you, iPhone 13 would be supported with Wi-Fi 6E. It will offer features like low-latency and faster data rates, much supportive for top Wi-Fi 6GHz bands.  


Let’s wrap this up. Apple iPhones had 6 spots in the top 10 best-selling phones of 2019 according to counterpoint research. People’s exorbitant love for iPhones has taken them this far. In just less than 30 days, you’ll be holding a new iPhone 13 with intrigued features and upgrades. 

Being the best-selling phone doesn’t mean iPhones can’t have cones. Apple had no answer to S21 zooming ability after even coming this far enough. Although, a few upgrades in-camera features like more advanced autofocus with a little bit of wide length.

The size will be the same, but there would be an amusing display upgrade for the users. The gaming experience will be more no more monotonous with 120Hz.

Moreover, in the battery testing, only iPhone 12 Pro Max was enough to pass the test. All other models couldn’t go further. With this said, Apple had announced the battery update of the new iPhone 13, which will be manufactured with a 4,315 mAH battery. It will surely help iPhone to keep healthy battery life.

Moreover, as the A15 Bionic chip will be introduced in iPhone 13, an updated version of the A14 chip of earlier iPhone versions.   

In the end, these are not exact and clear evidence of the iPhone 13. It more to come. Let’s wait until it is released.

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