8 Reasons how Social Media Marketing Benefits You!

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When was the last time you slept without checking your messages? Maybe when you probably forget about it or never. More than half of the world’s population uses social media. According to recent statics, most business owners use Facebook(91%) and Instagram(78%) to promote their small businesses, because they are great places to do social media marketing. And promote their brands and products.

We all have been using social media since our childhood, most likely the generation alpha. Because we are attracted to it in many ways but only a few figure out how social media marketing can boost your small businesses to blockbusting success. 

With that said, social media marketing allows users to connect with your brand or your business. With that, you can do monopolization of your brand. Social media marketing is a realm for your business nowadays.

We have come with 8 social media marketing benefits that are beneficial for every small business owner.


With over half of the world using social media. Over 83% of Instagram users have stated they have discovered new products or services with this platform.  

If you have executed all your brand/product logos, hashtags, and images correctly. It will surely engage customers and build their trust in your product. Also, influencer marketing is another great way to ensure. It is done by people who are having a huge number of followers on Instagram or Facebook. It can promote your brand and boost your sales. They can be actors/actresses or people with expertise in their niches. You can browse Instagram feeds to check how others are advertising their brands through social media marketing.

Here are 3 tips from us to build trust in your customers!

  1. Share your previous client reviews on your page as a testimonial.
  2. Use legit images of your brand/product.
  3. Be active to reply to your customer’s problems and their feedback. No matter it is positive or negative.  

More traffic to your website

With Social media marketing, you can increase customers volume to your website through social media platforms. Therefore, you should keep on advertising your products, every new post will build more trust among your followers and make them visit your website.  

Make sure to add your website in every of your post so visitors can visit it and increase the visibility and productivity of your website. With that, you can increase brand awareness to your visitors and customers. More than 72% of business owners claimed that with the help of social media marketing, their website traffic was increased.  

Moreover, if you invest only a few hours daily or weekly on your social media page. There is no doubt it will boost your business’s overall reputation among your followers. Of course the sells as well.  

Moreover, with social media marketing, you can hire a copywriter/content writer for your product blogs and publish them on your website. If your website starts getting more volume and attention, you can make more money from Google AdSense

Business from home made easy by social media marketing

As we all are acquainted that business doesn’t always mean renting a shop and start selling. You can easily sell it from home as well. Social media marketing has made it easy for you. It’s been stated as overwhelming but it’s not.  

Products like clothes, stationary equipment, decoration pieces of stuff, cakes, etc. They can be easily sold from home by only advertising them on your social media page and start gaining some profit with your sales.

It is an easy startup, all you have to do is create a Facebook or Instagram page and start promoting your products, their benefits. Before that, you seriously need to learn about social media strategy. It is not only you who’s using social media on daily basis, but there are also customers already in line to order from you.

It is almost free rather than if you are using ads to promote your brand on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  With that, there is a great chance to earn some fame and learn about the basics of business. Who knows you might an entrepreneur in the future.

Customer Insights and brand acknowledgment

People buy benefits, not features. There are 3.8 billion daily active users on social media. It is important to know your audience, you can go through conversations, comments, social listening and engage with your followers and the customers. 

You can list their interests, what they like to hear, and what they want in the future. It will expand your brand awareness among your followers and social media users, and it is a great way to build your brand loyalty.

Furthermore, you can send direct messages to your followers and customers to build their interest in your brand OR use auto message functionality, from which you can send messages even when you are sleeping. It is a message bot. It will not let your upcoming clients go away in a rush.  

Great Way to Advertise

As we have already stated above that social media has high volume and it can bring a high amount of traffic to your brand, blogs, and more sales of your product in less time.

Social media marketing has been providing you a platform to settle your business and refine it from time to time. You can promote your brand with the Facebook ads system if you are a Facebook user. More the area means more people.

Ye, it does cost something but a business without any investment is a lost boat. At the start, you might have to face the music, it doesn’t mean you won’t get anything in the end. Great business takes time.

It creates a sense in every customer’s mind if you are sharing something valuable and reliable with them. If you are advertising your original content with legit pictures with customization, without any doubt, your product will sell easily, and it will satisfy customers as well.  

No high investment

Organic content can lead your brand to promotion. As social media platforms are mostly free to use. You just need to post and share it. If this isn’t enough for you, you can approach paid ads and advertisements. Starting with a short investment won’t affect instead it will brush up your business and people will get to know about it.

It is cheaper than other tactics. Such a small investment can increase your conversations with customers and get a profit from the money you invested previously. There are more than 50% of Instagram users find it attractive for a brand when they see an ad on Instagram.

In addition, you can use “#hashtags” and promote your brand. People following the same hashtag will be able to see your posts about brands and products. With all these methods, you can go viral with your brand. You will be having a lot of attention from your little effort, it will boost your sales, more conversations with customers and your followers, and make your website more productive. All you have to do is to grab people’s attention from your post designs and let them know how your product will help them.  

Conversation with Influencers

There are two major influencers in the social media market. Micro-influencers and Celebrities. Micro-influencers are those who are locals just like us and have built their profile quite strong with many followers. Check out the list.

You might have noticed that there are masses of influencers on Instagram and Facebook doing paid promotions for your brand and product. With social media marketing, you can increase your conversation with these influencers and make them realize your product is worth a try. 

Almost every brand nowadays is using influencer marketing to build their trust among their customers. Moreover, try to approach those who have followers around 5k to 10k at least. Because they will make an engagement through your products.

It will grow in the future because a lot of people are becoming influencers daily and social media volume keeps on increasing day by day. If you have a high investment on your back, collaborate with a celebrity and make them promote your brand or product.

Working with high paying clients  

Now it comes with working for someone else. As a graphic designer, you can make designs for your clients of their product, write lines to make an attraction. Your clients will pay you higher for each post you are designing, and that’s a great way for a higher income.

With billions of users on Facebook and Instagram, people are still illiterate about how they can promote their brand through attractive lines and designs. A lot of business owners and local brands post every on social media about hiring graphic designers for their post designs. You can easily approach them and define your skills why hiring you is good enough to be a part of their firm, present some samples of your past work and get on with it.

Most graphic designers can try canva.com. It is a great website to build your product designs. Most importantly, it is free.

Make sure to read our blog on social media marketing books.

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