How To find my iPhone in less than 24 hours?

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This is the worst feeling you are going to experience if you have lost your old friend, which is not human. It is your iPhone, yes. Losing your phone is a dreadful mistake. It contains your pictures, documents, and other important kinds of stuff. Which of course you don’t want it to go in all vain.  

You may be walking around the corners thinking where is my phone and how I can find my lost iPhone, Andriod device, or Samsung mobile? Don’t panic, we are here to sort your problem. There are build tools in android phones, from which you can track your phone easily and comfortably. But if your phone is not connected with a Wifi-connection, it might be obstinate in finding your phone.

We have come up with the top 5 ways to find your lost phone, these were the most common and easiest.


With Google find my device, your phone can easily be tracked. It’s the most trendy and convenient way to get your phone back into your pocket.

Every advanced android mobile nowadays comes with build-in Google apps pre-installed in them. Just like Google Maps, Google Playstore, and google drive.

Now all you have to do is to follow our given step below:-

If you are already logged into your Google account on your browser, the job is half done. Open your browser and type find my device on google. Maybe, you’re at your friend’s home, you can still log into your Google account and start searching.

Suppose you have misplaced your phone at your own house, you can ring a bell from someone else phone and you can easily search for it in your dwelling. OR it’s not your house, you must put a strong password, so no one accesses your data.  

Note:- You must make sure that the “Find my device” option is turned on, otherwise you won’t be able to find it. If set for automatic, you still be checking it for once just for satisfaction.

With the Help of Manufactures

You can also track your mobile through a build-in tracking application in your android device if you are not having a google account. They can easily track your phone and they work the same as Google finds my location.

Like for Samsung, it has built-in application called Find my device. With more features than Google. All you have to do is to make sure it is on when you are leaving or going somewhere to avoid any incident that may happen in the future. You can track it through the application or the web browser as well. 

With Samsung find your device, you can even lock your device, back up your data, or even erase it permanently.


One of the most reliable 3rd party applications is Life360. With this, you can easily share your location with your household members. It is helpful when you are traveling in an unsafe area.

Albeit, Google is the easiest to do it. But 3rd party apps are also available when you have children at your home. You can download the application and track their locations wherever they are incased they are lost somewhere in the town.

There is another amusing application called Lost Android. With this application, you can not only use GPS but it helps remove phone SD data, read text messages, and call forwarding.  

With IMEI Number

Every phone has a 14 character digital code, known as the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Phones can be easily traced and identify with IMEI numbers. The outstanding features can be activated remotely and block access perhaps if someone else is holding your device.

There is a third application available on the google play store namely IMEI Tracker- Find my device. It helps you track the location of your android phone just by typing in the IMEI number. It’s most helpful when your phone has been stolen or miss placed in any function and there is no possibility, you are getting it back. Furthermore, IMEI should be the last option as Google-Find my device is the best way to do it.  

Most of the phone finders rely on the IMEI as they are providing quality tracking with the most effective features. We often don’t know when we might get our phone lost. In these cases, IMEI trackers are helpful to localize your phone or block it anyway.  

With a Bluetooth tracker

If have your phone lost in your household, no worries. There is a small gadget called a Bluetooth tracker, which can be attached to the backside of your phone. It transmits data to your phone with a connection.

Whether you have misplaced your phone behind your sofas or left your umbrella at your office. With a Bluetooth tracker, you can easily track them. The most established Bluetooth tracker is Tile. It is a company that sells trackers for both Android and IOS. 

Every Bluetooth tracker has the same outfit and features, which helps you to track your device. NOTE:- Bluetooth trackers only work for nearby devices. It ranges from 40-50 meters. More than that won’t help you.

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