Top Five Modern freelancing Websites ( Updated 2021 )

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Twenty years ago, no one could have imagined people would pay their bills while earning money online. Today, making money online is nothing new. Entrepreneurs accepted the unique opportunities that the world offered as we entered the 21st century. Due to this, the world dimension changed, and the future was shaped.

Freelancing Websites:

 The purpose of these websites is to help people earn and make money by providing services to clients worldwide. Many of these websites have a wide range of jobs, and you can easily browse and find jobs that match your skills. 

Online freelancers have always been trending upwards, but since the recent COVID outbreak, the growth rate has skyrocketed. One reason could be that companies shifted their ways to remote work and began recruiting freelancers to meet their needs. Thus, this resulted in more immense opportunities and job creation for freelancers.

Despite the fact that there are endless ways to make money online, we won’t delve into those.  You should take a look at this article if you’ve ever thought about doing freelance work online. We’re listing the top 5 freelancing sites of 2021.


Upwork is the go-to site for most freelance sites to find work in almost any area. As the website has nearly 1.5 million clients and offers nearly everything freelancers need, it is considered the best place to work and earn money. Despite the endless list of categories, Upwork covers for freelancers; here are some of them, listed below: 

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design 
  • Writing/Copywriting 
  • Amazon services 
  • Management task and what not!

Currently, Upwork offers 1000+ categories where you can offer your services, but we have only mentioned five above, which is an injustice to the platform. This feed is continuously updated with new job postings. Many businesses use Upwork to hire the best employees.

Here’s how UPWORK works:

The first step toward becoming a freelancer on Upwork is to create a profile. In your introduction, you can discuss the work experience, expertise, and skillsets you possess. Ensure you provide the best, most accurate, and complete information on your profile, as Upwork will not approve your account if any inaccurate or incomplete information is found. When your account is approved, you’ll be able to bid on Upwork, and clients can view your profile to decide whether you are the right person for a particular job.  

You will always see new jobs in the feed, and if you want to bid on a particular job, Upwork will be utilized. Freelancers and clients can connect in multiple ways – clients can post a job and hire talent or purchase predefined services from the project catalog. Similarly, freelancers can offer a service to clients on the job board.

Payment: On your first $500 bill, Upwork charges a 20% commission, which gradually decreases as more money is received. There are three withdrawal options: direct transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer.


Fiverr is the next platform on the list, which is considered an easy and user-friendly platform for freelancing. This website also offers a wide range of categories, similar to Upwork, so freelancers have many options. If you have skills in a particular category, you can begin offering that service.

Several digital areas, including website design, content writing, voice-overs, and much more, are covered by Fiverr. 

Here’s how this websit works

As a freelancer, you’ll need to register on the platform and follow the instructions to add your information. Once you’ve successfully created your account, you can begin offering your services. 

On Fiverr, freelancers are called sellers, their services are called gigs, and business owners are called buyers. Fiverr allows sellers to list their services (gigs) for free and set their prices, so you don’t have to bid or use connects for that. A buyer can also browse various categories for purchases. 

When a seller purchases a gig, an automatic charge is made to their account, and the money is placed on hold. Fiverr charges 20% as service charges or commissions from the deal. 

Payment System: The freelancer’s seller level may determine how quickly they can withdraw earnings. New sellers are typically required to wait fourteen days for payments to clear. Payments can be withdrawn using a debit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. 


Another freelance site goes by the name of; provides freelancers with exciting opportunities to participate in projects and work with companies and professionals around the world. It offers a variety of project types and categories, from website development to logo design to copywriting. Your skills can be evaluated through contests hosted by Freelancer. A contest is an excellent way to showcase your abilities and attract clients if you’re competitive and confident in your skills.

How it works: 

As soon as you’ve created your account with all your details and been approved, you can start to offer your services by bidding on projects. Once selected for a task, you will complete it and be paid securely. Using a live chat function, freelancers can communicate with hirers about their progress while completing tasks and upload examples of their previous work.

The freelancer will receive full payment after the job is completed. Competitions and fixed projects, however, require the platform to take 10% of the profits. As with most freelance sites, PayPal and wire transfers are utilized for withdrawals.

There are four membership plans available on

Plan Pricing Benefits 
Intro Plan$0.87/month15 Bids + unlimited project bookmarks
Basic Plan$4.59/month50 Bids + Preferred Freelancer + 3 Highlighted Contest Entries
Plus Plan$10.18/month100 Bids + daily withdrawal + 5 Highlighted Contest Entries
Professional Plan$27.91/month300 Bids + premium freelancer insights + 15 Highlighted Contest Entries

4. Guru

Three million users use Guru to connect freelancers and companies anywhere in the world. Guru lets people hire freelancers to deal with anything from programming to writing, design, and translation to sales and marketing, among other things. 

Sign up for a freelancer profile. The system will suggest jobs that match your skills and experience. The site offers job listings and allows freelancers and clients to submit quotes. 

Guru offers multiple plans; a basic, free membership is available to every freelancer who registers, despite the pay-to-embellish plan. Earnings may be received by wire transfer, PayPal, or other means.

The payment options Guru offers to freelancers are more flexible than most. They include fixed price, hourly, task-based, and recurring. Freelancers are also protected by SafePay protection to ensure timely payments.


99designs is an exclusive platform for designers that offers a wide range of jobs to freelancers. According to reports, new designs are created for clients every two seconds. It has over 90 freelancers covering a wide variety of fields. Clothing, books, and logos are just some of the items designed. 

99designs also offers a collaborative component; freelancers can either work one-on-one with hirers or join forces with other creatives to collaborate on projects while sharing budgets.

How does it work?

Upon registering, you will need to create a profile highlighting your work experience. Once the team reviews your application, your designer level will be determined. The higher your level, the more visible you are on the platform. 99designs is the best place to find freelance work in the designer field. You can search for jobs using the industry, style, and design categories.

Payment Structure: A 99designs introduction fee of $100 and a platform fee of 5% to 15% are charged whenever you work with a new client. Generally, payments are received by PayPal or Payoneer within three business days.


1. Can you recommend a site where beginners can find freelancing work?

Even though we have mentioned the 5 best sites in this article, you can begin working on any of them. There are also freelance sites such as Toptal, Zeerk, PeoplePerHour, etc. 

2. Should you register on multiple freelancing sites?

To get more opportunities, you should try several freelance sites. All you have to do is manage all this stuff together. Also, analyze all the platforms and focus on 2 or 3 platforms that give you the best output in order to keep delivering high-quality work.

3. Freelancing: pros and cons?

Pros of Freelancing:

  • The ability to work from anywhere and at any time
  • Your choice of clients
  • Time and cost savings due to no commute
  • Your earnings are up to you

Cons of Freelancing:

  • A lack of consistency in payouts for work
  • To keep your regular job, you must constantly find new clients
  • It is not possible to take a leave


The five best freelancing websites to find work in 2021 have been listed above. What’s the hold-up? Now that finding freelance work isn’t so difficult, does it no longer have to be complicated?

Here are our top freelance website recommendations:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer

Wishing you success in finding the perfect job! You can leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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